arco settimio severo

The triumphal arch of Septimius Severe in Rome. The arch that celebrated victory over peoples and places

L’arco di Settimio severo, fu eretto nel 203. È un arco trionfale, dedicato, da parte del senato, all’imperatore Settimio e ai suoi figli, caracalla e geta. Celebrava la vittoria su parti e adibenti. Si può vedere dalla grandiosa dedica che appare sulle due facciate dell’attico.

The three-arched arch was originally surmounted by a bronze quadriga.

The Arch of Septimius Severo is characterised by its rich decorations. The style of these rather worn relief is of a narrative nature. The story is schematic and effective and includes, in addition to the victories, the gods, a frieze with the triumph of the emperor, Roman soldiers with prisoners and four panels depicting the campaigns of Septimius Severo in Mesopotamia.

The carved scenes were probably taking inspiration from the paintings that depicted the various facts of the war. The paintings were sent to the Senate from Mesopotamia to prepare for the triumph.

The exterior of the arch of Septimius Severo is strongly chiaroscuro and covered in marble. It is built in a square. It seems that in Rome, it is the oldest remaining arch, which has free columns and is not leaning against its pillars.

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