fori imperiali

Imperial Forums. Monumental squares built by the emperors in the centre of Rome

The Roman forums of the imperial age were monumental squares in the centre of the city.

They were built by the emperors over a period of about 150 years (between 46 BC and 113 AD)

In the centre of the Roman city.

These squares were used to carry out administrative activities and ceremonies, they were considered celebratory and representative spaces suitable for the imperial reality.

The Roman forum (the old republican square), dates back to the royal age (6th century BC). It was considered for centuries, the political, economic and religious centre of Rome.

The imperial architecture reached its highest levels with the construction of these extraordinary monumental complexes known for the richness of their decorative and sculptural apparatus.

Visiting the Roman forums is a unique and fascinating experience. Crossing them, walking among the ruins, admiring what has remained intact for centuries is a pretty unique and enjoyable couple of hours.

The Roman forums were inaugurated on the following dates:

  • Forum of Caesar (46 BC)
  • Forum of Augustus (2 BC)
  • Temple of Peace (75 AD)
  • Forum of Nevra (98 AD)
  • Forum of Trajan (112 and 113 AD)

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