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Do you want to take a virtual tour of the monuments around the Colosseum to enjoy the artistic and cultural wonders of Rome? If you don’t have the time to do it on foot, “touching” every single monument and enjoying the proximity of the artistic and cultural wonders of this intense city, you can settle for a virtual tour and we will turn into your tour guide.

Rome holds within it a mysterious charm, that of a capital city and metropolis that magically transforms into a charming suburb or district depending on how you decide to experience it and gives you ancient and modern, unique emotions.

This great city that has been able to preserve the gifts of time, that manages to naturally blend the ancient stratifications of the various eras with the current, living and chaotic urbe, deserves to be savored in every one of its art forms, and that is why we recommend that you visit it anyway, even if you are far away or have little time.
visit it through the great network and discover its historic center by taking a tour around the coliseum.

If you read this page it means that you are already inside the coliseum or rather inside the site about this grandiose monument, and you can start right here to begin your virtual tour.

Learn about the history of the coliseum, its structure, gladiatorial games, trivia, and writers who have spoken about it. We are sure that by the end you will almost feel like you have been there, at least in your imagination, or it will ignite your desire to go there as soon as possible to see it in person.

From the coliseum you may decide to take a tour of the Imperial Forums; visit the official website and you will be able to get a glimpse of history and pictures dealing with it from all aspects.

We recommend a visit to the Palatine Hill to discover the historical and archaeological layers that characterize it and testify to its importance as the governing center of the ancient city. Find its history on the website of the archaeological superintendency and on wikipedia with several significant photos.

Discover the opulent domus aurea, Nero’s golden house that rose from the ashes of the tremendous fire of 64 A.D. Bright and luxurious with its stucco and rich decorations.

Not to be missed is the beautiful Capitol Square, an architectural masterpiece designed by Michelangelo Buonarroti. In the center of the square you can admire the equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius and in front of it the senatorial palace. To the right you will find the Conservators’ Palace and to the left the New Palace and the Capitoline Picture Gallery.

Visit the Capitoline Museums website to discover the great works of art housed there.

Walking down the steps you can already ask yourself, “but what is that imposing white monument that sets the scene for the beautiful Piazza Venezia?”

You’re talking about the Victorian, thealtar of the homeland that houses the tomb of the “unknown soldier” and is often ironically called a “typewriter” by Romans because of its shape, precisely. Today the Victorian has become a major center for art exhibitions.

A tour should also be taken to the Trajan Markets, which form an intricate architectural complex. The architecture is neat and functional; the rooms covered with brick vaults and paved with bricks arranged in a herringbone pattern where a second layer made of mosaic was often overlaid, are particularly striking.

Also worth seeing near the colosseum is the Mamertine Prison or carcer tullianum, the oldest prison in the city that consists of two overlapping rooms the tullianum (below) and the carcer (above).

Knowing that many famous people including, according to tradition, Saints Peter and Paul, were imprisoned here and some lost their lives there makes quite an impression.

The beautiful capital is dense with monuments, streets, palaces, squares, paintings and sculptures that speak of history, tell legends, boast myths and great works, as if the centuries had never passed, and everything was still alive and tangible.

We wish you a safe journey around the colosseum and… if you get lost don’t worry, all roads lead to Rome.

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1. Titus Arch

Titus Arch. The triumphal arch, a monument witnessing achievements in ancient Rome. The Titus Arch was built at an uncertain date between AD 81 and 100.

2. Domus Aurea

The rich decorations of Nero’s palace, the magnificent domus aurea. Nero’s gilded house: the domus between pageantry and innovation.

3. Imperial Forums

Imperial Forums. Monumental squares built by emperors in the center of the city of Rome. The Roman forums of the imperial age, monumental squares in the center of the city.

4. The Arch of Septimius Severus

The triumphal arch of Septimius Severus in Rome. The arch that celebrated victory over parts and adibents.

5. Arch of Constantine

Constantine’s is Rome’s most majestic triumphal arch, the largest and richest honorary arch that has come down to our time. A triumphal arch full of sculptures.

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