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Choose the guided tour to visit the Colosseum arena

Here is the best selection of tours to visit the arena with an expert guide and priority access to the Colosseum.

Why choose a guided tour of the Colosseum?

  • With a guided tour you can enjoy priority access to the arena, avoiding long waiting lines and saving valuable time during your visit.
  • With the expertise of an official tour guide, you can get a complete picture of the stories, myths, and facts surrounding the Colosseum arena. An experienced guide can provide in-depth analysis and understanding of the history and architecture of the arena, expanding your knowledge about this wonder of the ancient world.
  • Through guided tours you can visit parts of the arena that are not accessible to the public who decide to visit the Colosseum on their own, such as the basement or upper floors. This exclusive experience allows you to have a unique experience and visit Rome’s Colosseum in its entirety.
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Colosseum Rome

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