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Here are the best Colosseum tours that guarantee you priority entry to the monument.

hy rely on a guided tour of the Colosseum?

  • A guided tour of the Colosseum includes an experienced guide with in-depth knowledge of the history and architecture of the Colosseum, who can provide explanations that would be difficult to find in information signs or books.
  • Some guided tour options offer priority access, that is, the ability to avoid long waiting lines. This means that visitors can save valuable time during their sightseeing tours, which can be very crowded especially in the high season.
  • Some guided tours include access to exclusive areas of the Colosseum, such as the arena’s basement and gladiator areas, which are not available to unguided visitors.
  • An experienced guide can help visitors better understand the history and importance of this extraordinary monument by providing detailed explanations in the language they indicate.

Arrange a guided tour of the Colosseum in Rome

  • You can purchase Colosseum tickets online in advance using our website. This way you avoid the long waiting lines.
  • Consider joining and purchasing a guided tour that can provide detailed information about the history and architecture of the Colosseum and offer priority access to exclusive areas.
  • Plan your trip to the Colosseum carefully, so as to avoid the busiest hours if possible. In general, the least crowded hours are early in the morning or later in the afternoon.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, preferably sneakers, and seasonally appropriate clothing-remember that in the summertime the Coliseum can be particularly hot.
  • In Summer bring necessary supplies such as water, sunscreen and a hat.
  • Be respectful of the rules and avoid climbing fences or touching walls or ancient objects.
  • Enjoy the view of the Colosseum and explore the surroundings. The Colosseum is one of the wonders of the ancient world, and you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself firsthand in the history of ancient glorious Rome.
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