How to Get to the Colosseum by Car

Reaching the Colosseum by car is not the option to reach the tourist attraction, as the monument area is very busy.

However, if you have to go to the Colosseum by car, there are some paid parking lots nearby.

The most functional parking lots are as follows:

  • Colosseum Park Service: 4€ per hour
  • Colosseum Park: 8€ for 2 hours
  • Metronio supergarage: €22.93 per day

A much more recommended option is to park your car outside of the historic center of Rome in ATAC’s Interchange parking lots. These are very functional and inexpensive parking lots. From there, just take the subway to move inside Rome.

If, on the other hand, you want to venture inside Rome by car, we recommend the parking lot at Termini station, as from there the Colosseum can be reached in about 20 minutes on foot or by subway.

Alternatively, there are numerous paid parking lots located in different parts of the city, which you may find useful depending on your starting location and your planned travel route.

However, if you are planning a visit to Rome and the Colosseum, I recommend using public transportation such as the subway, bus as the streets in the center are crowded with traffic and parking your car can be quite an inconvenient experience.

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