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Visit the national Etruscan museum at Villa Giulia

The National Etruscan Museum located in the beautiful Villa Giulia in Rome offers you the chance to discover the ancient civilization of the Etruscans through an exciting and fascinating tour. The Renaissance villa that houses the museum represents a high historical and artistic value.

An extraordinary collection of Etruscan works

he Sarcophagus of the Bride and Groom is the main work in the museum and represents one of the most important expressions of Etruscan civilization. This sarcophagus constitutes a unique document on the daily life and funerary customs of the ancient Etruscans. Made in Cerveteri around 520 B.C.E., the Sarcophagus of the Bride and Groom was originally intended to contain the ashes of the two deceased, whose figures are depicted in a style characterized by elongated profiles, special attention to the details of clothing and hairstyles, characteristic of the Greco-Eastern artistic influences that dominated Cerveteri at that time.

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Entrance tickets

You can buy admission tickets online to avoid queues and waiting in long lines. Inside the museum there are guided tours available to book, which will take you on a discovery of the treasures you will find along the exhibition route.

Opening Hours

The museum is open during the following hours: Tuesday through Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. (last admission 6:30 p.m.) and is closed on Mondays.


The Etruscan museum also provides a range of services to help visitors make the most of the experience. There is a bookshop, where you can buy souvenirs and other informational materials regarding the ancient Etruscan civilization. In addition, there are checkroom and bathroom facilities.

Visiting route

The museum tour is constructed in such a way as to provide a comprehensive view of Etruscan culture, also suitable for children: from the origins, to daily life, from trade relations with the ancient Greeks to the end of civilization.

Where is the museum located in Rome ?

The museum is located in Villa Giulia in Rome and is easily accessible by Metro A and Bus 19L/982.

The history

The museum is located inside Villa Giulia, a wonderful 16th-century residence built by Pope Julius III. It was later used as a museum in 1889. The museum houses one of the largest collections of Etruscan art in the world, with a special focus on artifacts from northern Etruria. The exhibit includes about 6,000 objects, including funerary urns, jewelry, vases, statues, bronze objects and ceramics dating back to the Iron Age and Roman times. Among the exhibits are some truly unique and valuable pieces, such as the large pair of painted sarcophagi from the Banditaccia Necropolis in Cerveteri, dated to the fourth century B.C. During World War II, the museum suffered considerable damage from bombing, but thanks to the recovery work of archaeologists and curators, much of the collection could be preserved. In 2017, the museum underwent a major renovation that involved the creation of new exhibition rooms and new technologies for presenting the works, called advanced museographic techniques. Today, the Villa Giulia Etruscan Museum continues to be an important center for research and conservation of Etruscan art, and is an essential stop to welcome all lovers of history and culture.

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