the History of the Colosseum

About the history of the coliseum over the centuries, from construction to destruction, there is much to be said. A long historical period, during which the coliseum has been used and restored many and many times, in different ways, with different methods. The stories of the colosseum, in fact, are many and mark the various periods of ancient Rome. In short, this magnificent amphitheater has seen and suffered all kinds of things and continues to see them! because the coliseum is still standing, it also belongs to this modern era.

The colosseum is still recognized by the whole world as a symbol of Rome. By the ancient Romans it was called “amphitheatrum flavium” after the name of the imperial Flavian family under whom work on its construction began and ended. in the year 72 A.D. Emperor Vespasian began the work, which was completed in the year 80 A.D. by Titus his son. When the work was completed, the inauguration was celebrated with extraordinary games and fighting that lasted 100 days.

with these few notions we have a brief overview of the history of the coliseum. An exciting story that you can delve into by searching through the topics that interest you most and starting your journey from the article that captures you most. However, I will point out an initial logical sequence, just to give you a good idea of how things went from the beginning.

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Colosseum Rome

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